Candida Treatment Yogurt

Written by Owner

Sometimes you feel like you’re doing everything right, but you just aren’t getting better. It really doesn’t make sense, you’re avoiding the foods that you have to eat, eating what you should. You are taking antifungals as well, the right ones. Of course you’ll feel a bit better that way and will get better over time, but what is often killed by yeast infections is the good bacteria in your stomach.

Yogurt is a great way to get beneficial bacteria in your body. A great thing about yogurt is that it actually tastes good, you can eat large quantities at a time, and it is specifically designed to be able to transport live bacteria into your gut. There are of course other potential sources of probiotics and beneficial bacteria that you can use to help treat Candida and your overall health, but do not underestimate the power of yogurt.

If you really like yogurt, and want the best yogurt, you should consider making your own. Yogurt can be made at home for relatively low costs, using the highest grade organic milk. The Kitchen talks about how you can make your own high quality yogurt at home for very low cost